Thursday, 23 March 2017

Market Day

We have a busy day today, we are heading in to London to have lunch with my cousin. So I put this video together late last night of our time at the local market today and we also went out for a lovely dinner during which I forgot to take pictures of most of the meal. However, in honour of such a meal, I took a picture of the empty plate.

The old red Telephone booths, a cultural classic in England are being refurbished into defibrillator booths and this community has one of each side by side as you will see.

Massage and Massacre

It is still Wednesday as I type this and I have finally managed to get that damn video edited. Knowing how it goes together will go a long way to knowing what/how to take video.

 As I type this I am upstairs in our cottage bedroom whilst His Lordship is in the Livingroom having a massage!!! With his back/neck injuries -- and this bed, he was having so much trouble we booked a massage for him. Generally, he has an hour massage every Wednesday but being on holiday... anyway we found a lady who has come here to the cottage to attempt to straighten him out. Good Luck I say, I've been trying to straighten him out for 12 years!!! And his Mother far longer than that. But I digress... This massage therapist Boryana works at Remedial Touch Works they offer both clinic and home appointments and can be contacted at or by mobile at 07473687676.

Our video arrived this morning. We had watched 'Pay it forward' the other night at Bob & Jane's and we mentioned 'Sixth Sense', which they had never seen... so we ordered it on Amazon Prime and this morning there it is. So, tonight its movie and popcorn night! Love 'Sixth Sense', so quite looking forward to that.

Had a chuckle this morning when we learned that back home they have had 20+cm of snow, freezing rain and are now under a blowing snow advisory. Of course, here it is lovely and warm though it does spit and rain occasionally but we'll take it.

Quite sure I will leave the publication of this post until tomorrow just in case anyone out there enjoys the reading of it with their morning coffee as I do with my own blog list. That blog list is really quite handy because though I have a lot of blogs on it it refreshes new posts to the top. Each morning I simply go through the blogs that I have not yet read while guzzling my Tim Hortons French Vanilla Cappuccino. (yes, I brought 2 cans with me to England)

I have noticed that the email notification for new blog posts takes roughly 12-24 hours to come out. Seems silly to me. Well worthwhile to create a blog page just to have a current blog list even if you don't post anything yourself.

Perhaps today I will try to get some video of us just walking along as some do on their YouTube videos, I find it very intimidating to take selfie's and talk to a camera, I must say. So in an effort to get past that I think we should take some footage even if I don't use it for anything - kind of a warm up and it will allow me to play around with the YouTube editor too. I know there are other video editors out there that perhaps are easier/more functional, but I have not yet had an opportunity to look around. Any suggestions? Leave a comment below.

Take note that from this end it is great when people leave comments because then you get to know who your audience is. Flowergirl for example left a comment yesterday and this morning when I was reading The Bayfield Bunch I saw a comment by her there and so now I know where she came from... Thanks Al & Kelly! (& Pheebs of course -the star of the Bayfield show ;) )

[Time Lapse to the next day]

Good morning, We did watch 'Sixth Sense' last night and loved it as always, I think Bob & Jane will be watching it again LOL In fact, I'm quite sure Bob found it a bit dull until it was over and then he was shaking his head because he wasn't expecting that - which is precisely the point. So I do believe he will be watching that again! We had such a large supper before the movie that we completely forgot the popcorn -- AND the Sticky Toffee Pudding, which I now look forward to for tonight.

Anyone who watches the news will no doubt be aware of the attack on Westminster yesterday from which (currently) 5 people have died. Our thoughts and prayers go out to their families. We are a couple of hours away from London but it does make you more aware of your surroundings when something like this happens.

Today is Thursday. Market Day. A must do for us -as mentioned earlier we have no shops where we live never mind fresh produce/meats so market day is a real treat for us boonie livers. Also there is a shop we each have a bracelet we wear from which Bob & Jane sent to us since we were here last. Will definitely be popping in to see what is new.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

UK Bus Ride Video

Please keep in mind that I have just started learning how to do these videos...

Bus ride and East Indian Cuisine

It was a busy day yesterday, I began the day doing laundry... yes laundry. 2 loads in fact, whew in England that is a feat. Fortunately this washer/dryer combo has a quick wash/dry mode of around 40 minutes, but I remember years ago doing laundry at my Aunt's and the wash cycle alone took 2 hours then it had to be put out on the line to dry. Somewhere in all this Brad has his 'lids lowered' as his brother would say.
At the Barber Shop

With that done we went for a coffee and hot chocolate in the market square then to Bob & Jane's where we received a message that my Grandmother's ring and my pendant were ready. Brad & I decided to jump the bus and go get them. I took lots of video of the bus ride to give an idea of the speed they go and how close they get to buildings when turning a corner or bend, but I'm having trouble with editing them though I shall figure it out in the end I'm sure and will post a blog of it when I do.

 Me (Katie)
Market Square

 Grandmother's ring

Once we had the jewelry in hand we wandered around the shops of Nottingham for an hour or so to see if I could find a better top for the 50th Anniversary in a few days, no luck there. We went to M&S because, well, thats renowned but unfortunately what they had was straight out of the 60's and 70's. Perhaps its old stock LOL. Surprising to say we didn't find anything there and wandered around the shops to look for some sunglasses for Brad also without luck then hopped the bus home. A return fare was 5lb each.

The 4 of us decided to go for East Indian food last night at The Bridge & Bayleaf  in Gunthorpe which is a fantastic restaurant on the edge of a canal where liveaboards and others dock. Although Jane doesn't eat spicy food and apparently Brad shouldn't either (he had a rough night), the 3 of us quite enjoyed some Tandoori and Butter chicken while Jane had Fish & Chips. The atmosphere is so comfortable in this restaurant and the food was phenomenal but Brad found his Tandoori to be quite dry. We had some Stuffed garlic mushrooms as a starter and they were absolutely fantastic. The service was great and the staff was very attentive, anticipating your every need while not hovering or annoying. High praises for this one. I rate it an 8/10 while Brad said 6/10 due to the dry Tandoori.
 Tandoori Chicken

 Fish & Chips

 Rice bowl

 Butter Chicken

 The pre-order teaser

Naan Bread

At dusk through a window, but this is a liveaboard as seen from inside, also note the outside seating area.

Then back to Bob & Jane's for a cuppa and chat before heading 'home' for the night.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Thoughts on the new RV mattress

We have had a quiet couple of days while Brad is recovering from his bad tooth. The B&B we are renting has an extremely firm mattress and this is also causing us some problems. Brad has military injuries of his neck and back and so on top of the toothache he has been suffering from for a few days now, he has also had to cope with a sore back - and hips. Now I have to say that I do not suffer from any specific back problems but I have also been having issues whilst sleeping on this damn mattress in my back and hips also. I actually stole the down comforter off the 2nd bedroom bed (yes it is a rock also) and doubled it over on Brad's side to give him a bit more cushion and it helps, -mildly.

We will definitely be very careful upon ordering the new mattress for the RV!! RVGeeks have put out information about a mattress they have found and even provide a 10% discount using their code "rvgeeks", and more recently Paddy @ the Paddy Wagon has used their code to replace his mattress. We will be waiting to hear his review of it, but we have decided that the mattress must be a goodun, no matter what.

As to my iPhone: I have received the phone back with its new battery and it appears to be holding its charge now much to my relief. However, last night I tried to take video & pictures with it and I was promptly informed that I did not have enough storage!! Whoa is me. I spent some time last night going through it and clearing some stuff out, but I am unclear about how this works... my iPhone is tied to my desktop back home so when I plug it in to the iMac it correlates info with it... thereby filling up my storage. Anyone know anything about this? Any techy types out there? Would really appreciate some insight into this for future reference because when we get home and I backup the stupid thing, I'm quite sure it will be full once again.

I did manage to get one video (never had so much trouble with a phone in my life) and I will try to edit and post it on this blog before I post it.

AARGH! No such luck with the video, sorry folks.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Day trip to Newark RV lot

Once again Brad was not feeling up to going bootin' around so my Brother-in-law (Bob) and Sister-in-law (Jane) took me into Newark for a little day trip. We stopped at an RV Dealer and I had a look at several RVs for ideas. Given that everything over here is smaller including the RVs I thought I'd find some really good ideas for using small spaces. I asked the Salesman what the largest rig he had was and he directed me to a machine which could be a blend of a Class B and C. It was essentially a Class B with a cab over - they all were except for a few 20' Class A's. There were a couple of good ideas though and I took a few photos.

Most of the RVs (Ironically, there is no class system for Motorhomes here) were 18-25 ft and ranged from 40 - 65,000 monetary lb. and other than 3 small Class A's all that we saw were cab over Class B's as we know them. However, upon arriving on the lot, Jane and I went to what appeared to be the largest rig in sight, suddenly it occured to me that it might belong to a shopper and not one of the viewing rigs. Sure enough as I went to grab the handle a dog inside barked. Thank god for dogs. LOL

Swivel table at end of couch

Class C (the largest, with the dog)

Class B with a cab over

Place sink front to back to save usable counter space

Garbage can attached to door (with umbrella holder, of course)

It was a fun outing and I took a few pictures of Newark-on-Trent while we were out also.

Old Tudor style home

Robin Hood Hotel in Newark which is being demolished despite opposition

Crumbling building large enough to have been a castle in the day. Forgot to ask what it was though. 

Brad was feeling a bit better last night so he came out with us for dinner at The Circle and then we all went over to Bob & Jane's and had a good chitchat for the evening. He had another rough overnight with his tooth but it does seem the medication is making some progress with it. By tomorrow he shall right as rain, I dare say.

I also managed to get my phone back! If you are in the Radcliffe area Tony (07717840688) is your cell/smart phone go to guy. Thank you Tony, so far so good. :) 

Now when we go out and about I will be able to get pictures/video.

Friday, 17 March 2017

A Day at the Dentist

Unfortunately, yesterday turned out to be another quiet day. Brad's brother was not feeling well so Brad & I were going to take a bus to the next town to get my iPhone dealt with but the best made plans... Brad got a very painful toothache so we ended up spending most of the day dealing with that.


While sitting in the waiting room, I was quite surprised when reading some pamphlets to discover that the Dentists over here do Botox!! Now, perhaps I don't spend enough time at the dentist back home, but I'm pretty sure they don't do Botox. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Late afternoon we went around to Bob & Jane's and Brad finished the Lasagna for our dinner and we enjoyed some lovely garlic bread with it. I had picked up some lovely doughnuts (more like an eclair as we in North America know it) but it was a delicious cake type pastry sliced as you would an eclair and stuffed with REAL cream and a thin stripe of a jam substance run the length of it. The local bakery has some really enticing and unique (to us, at least) products, which makes me happy we are here for 2 weeks, allowing plenty of time to try a good many ;)

We enjoyed a nice visit with Bob & Jane but came home early due to His Lordship's toothache and were in bed by 9pm.

Below are some interior pics of the cottage we are staying in. It is a lovely little cottage perfect for 2 people for a couple of weeks. I would not want to LIVE in it, as it is quite small by North American standards but you certainly could and obviously many people have over a couple of centuries since it was built but for a cottage it is ideal and has all the necessities including a washer/dryer combo!

One thing I have noticed over here is that the electrical wires coming into the house are much smaller than we are used to, and of course each plug has a switch to turn the power on/off. When plugging something in back home the power to the item comes on instantly and without delay, here you can almost watch it as it runs through the wires and into the item before it comes on. North America would do well to have each plug on a switch as we all know that appliances still draw power even when the item in turned off. Having an on/off switch at the plug would go a long way to conserving the power which our 'Leadership' is always harping at us about. Just saying, this is a simple solution that at least England has already long ago devised. Perhaps we are so busy being the best (in our own minds) that the 'Leadership' doesn't want to go backwards even when backwards would in fact be forward.

Today, iPhone?!